Hard floors are great for high traffic areas of your home like entry ways, kitchens, or dining rooms, but what about the parts of your home where you want to feel cozy? Having a good carpet under your feet gives you the feeling of warmth and safety. A good carpet makes you want to take off your shoes and relax. We are excited to offer a great selection of choices that will definitely help the atmosphere of your home come to life.



Plush carpet is best in a bedroom where you want a soft, cozy feeling that hugs your feet. The strength and longevity of the carpet is determined by the type of materials you choose. Plush carpets can use natural, synthetic, or blended materials. 

Berber / Loop

A berber carpet is a carpet that has flecks of dark color mixed in with a lighter background color. These carpets are most often found in a loop style, but the Berber style can also be found in other carpet cuts for a good price.

Frizzy / Shag

Frizzy and Shag carpets are actually making a strong comeback. Their designs have been updated to meet current fashion trends. Their new thicknesses, colors, and textrures help to make a bold statement in your home.

Pattern / Cut

Cut and patterned carpets are the most common. Most of these carpet types use a fiber that has high durability and has a high twist ratio so that it holds its appearance for much longer than other carpets.


If you have common rooms that have a decent amount of traffic, loop carpets come in an array of stylles and hold up well. Their design resists matting and crushing which can sometimes lead to a worn-down look in areas where traffic is heavy.





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