Laminate has come a long way since it was first introduced. Today's laminate comes in much higher quality and offers a wide range of designs to match your tastes not only in wood appearances, but also in stone, brick, and ceramic styles. Many people can't even tell the difference between the actual material and laminate because of the high quality photography that is used when mimicing the original material. Not only that, but it is often warmer than tile and often is much better at providing your home with the color it needs to help it feel warm and inviting. It's one of the easiest floor types to clean up and is durable enough to stand up to whatever you can throw at it. 

Another great feature of Laminate is that because it is well-manufactured, it is designed with an interlocking system that is similar to legos. The floor can be installed easily on top of a sub-floor and isn't nailed down to the surface because it's designed to fit snugly in the room and move and shift slightly as the house settles over time. 

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